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Dr.K.V.L.Sandhya Rani,

Lecturer in Hindi

B.V.K.College, Visakhkapatnam.

                    Corona virus has been discovered from a family of viruses and the community spread of the disease happens through infection from the already infected. This virus is dreadful, infectious and highly contagious which leads to death of the victim if timely medical supervision is not taken. This corona virus is highly dreadful and manifests as a combination of more than one symptom such as fever ,common cold, pneumonia etc. The epidemic nature of the disease ceased from the time It stared  spreading itself in more than one country and hence it is a pandemic suffered by the entire humanity living in the planet earth. The name corona virus is derived from the word crown.

                   This type of virus is uncommon and unseen so far and therefore the pandemic is also referred to also as novel corona. History of pandemics suffered by the humanity has been recorded to that of Spanish flu, jinx, ebola, cholera, SARs and all such diseases caused by viruses were effectively tackled with less number of causalities  with an exception to Spanish flu which occurred during the second decade of 20th century.   Corona virus is also called as COVID-19 and it is an evolved version of SARs virus discovered in 2019.infection of covid-19 is mostly associated with symptoms like headache, high fever, influenza and high degree of pneumonia leading to ultimate death of the infected. The media of infection from one person to another is through droplets shot in to the air by already infected, usually by sneeze or cough which settle live on objects for certain period depending on the type of material and enter human body by chance or through direct contact. Thus the only way to protect ourselves from covid-19 is by social distancing, proper hygiene and sanitation of our surroundings. The first COVID-19 victim was found in WUHAN city of CHINA. The movement   of people from WUHAN to various parts of the globe resulted the spread of covid19 across the world in unimaginable proportions causing large scale deaths and unprecedented economic crisis in the entire world.


India is very rich in its culture and tradition and is a nation known for unity in diversity. Lockdown imposed by the Government is a tol to curb spread of covid-19 and as a result of which all our social activities  such as entry to religious places, tourist spots, marketing malls, cinema halls has been strictly restricted. Life and livelihood are the two components involved in implementation of lockdown and naturally economy shatters when the life is to be preferred to. The rich cultural heritage enjoyed by India is now needed implementation as the way of ones life. Covid-19 taught us a lessen that affluence and fashion took back seat giving due respect to our family values and traditions. The traditional way of greeting each other was either bowing before elderly or with folded hands, prostrate at preceptors has again smiled at all our  folks whereby covid-19 is kept at a distance since greetings with hugs and shaking hands become a thing of past.

Plant derivatives were invariably used for medical purposes during medieval period and renowned doctors like  Sushrutha,  Charaka, bore eminent in the field during who’s  time epidemics such this were seldom felt. Household usage of turmeric, tulasi, neem, ginger and aloevera built up our immunity to a very great extent and today the traditional system of Indian medicine is prescribed to combat pandemics.


As discussed   convid-19 is a virus that endangers human life. The hour of crisis has been compounded by a section of people who’s stratum in the society is below poverty line and they are suffering from hunger as the effect of lockdown has been continuous on their livelihood. Since most of such people  are working under circumstances unorganized the impact of the pandemic is visible on their lives and life style. Most of these labourars move from place to place in  search of    employment and they are habituated  to gain paltry sums in the form of daily wages. Sudden advent of the pandemic resulted in utter chaos in their psyche and uncompromised feeling of insecurity  to their lives and families lead them tread back to their home towns no matter the distance a head of their journey. The embedded qualities of philanthropy extra in the minds of general public have initially taken care of the hungry masses on their way back home mostly on foot and the governmental help   in terms of arranging transport to masses came with some delay. Extension of helping hands by the public shall also continued  within ones means amounting to easing the burden on  Government to the possible extent.


Environment is a place where human beings, flora and fauna live together in a state of symbiosis. In the process of living, the man depended on planet earth much more than the justified proportion  that he over exploited the nature and natural resources. Today, a stage has set in that almost all the resources existed on planet earth are on the brink of exhaustion. COVID-19 can be regarded as relief to mother nature that human interference in nature is of late, on the receding side for lockdown facilitated, confinement of people with in four walls while the so called economic activities at the expense of nature have come to a standstill.

As a consequence, felling of trees and transporting the  material to different places in the country has considerably reduced paving way to clean environment free from pollution. Total lockdown implied to closure  of industry and factories also and these emission of effluents has been greatly arrested. The wild animals remained in their respective habitat unharmed and vegetation enjoyed freedom to a very great extent.   In other words nature is healing itself during lockdown period.  The level of toxic substances in atmosphere  has decreased and ozone layer encircling the earth is intact.