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 The Role of Literature through social media in prevention and controlling the Corona – Covid-19

The Role of Literature through social media in prevention and controlling the Corona – Covid-19


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Now-a-days, the role of literature was changed according to the need and condition of the society.  Literature means educating the society.  Though it entertains the readers and listeners, but literature has a great responsibility in modern ages.  Recently, in the outbreak of Corona Virus disease 2019, the ever worst situation, faced by the entire World, literature through social media has been playing a great role in the prevention and control of the Covid-19.

The Awareness process of preventive measures i.e. physical distancing and social distancing and individual health precautions were effectively worked out well through the literature in the social media in the forms of short poetry, slogans, memes, messages, quotes, short stories etc.  The recent popular apps i.e. Helo, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok etc., also are some how successful, in making the public fully aware of the dangers of Corona disease.  For examples:- some slogans i.e. “Stay in home or Rest in peace” which was a very very effective slogan to the entire people in the various nation throughout the world.

The Corona Virus pandemic was become as a big challenge to the Scientists, and Medical Research Organisations and also to the various administrators of the well developed nations.  As the Medicine or Vaccine was not yet invented, it was the only choice of the human beings to avoid or prevent the virus through following various precautions in the family level understanding on the corona in various countries from China to Italy, and USA to India so many countries depended on the states of Lockdown system in their countries, so as to enable the governments to control the spreading of Corona Virus.

In India, the strategy of Lockdown was strictly followed by the public from March 25th 2020.  The literature on this social responsibility was created and shared matter through the various social media sources.  The importance of Bharatiyas wishing method i.e. “Namaskaram” with our hands, and traditional Indian village life style, with individual responsibilities to maintain the hygienic methods and cleaning the vegetables, kitchen ware, furniture etc.  was taken place in a responsible manner in the every place of India.  The implementation of Indians ‘clapping’ on the National Voluntary Curphew day and ‘Lighting the lamps’ campaign/awareness programme by Narendra Modiji also filled the thanks giving appreciation and moral strength to the frontline workers and warriors of the Corona disease i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Health Assistants, Volunteers, Media Staff, Police, Agricultural Marketing Authorities all the Govt. employees.

In India, the growthrate at Covid-19 is lesser than the well developed nations.  The death rate is also under control, is less than 1% of the positive patients.  India helped the other nations by exporting the media is a crucial stage even for USA also.  The measures taken by our P.M.Sri Narendra Modi, in co-ordination with all the State Governments, are become fruitful with the help of vide publicity through the social media.  Though some of the postings are fake and misinformative, the literature in Covid-19 played a useful role in controlling the spreading of Covid-19 in this critical time.

Knowledge is power.  Knowledge gives understanding to the public.  It give awareness on what to do and what not to follow.  Hence, this awareness turned the public towards realizing the need of Swatch Bharath, simple life, traditional life.  It taught a lesson that worshipping the nature is respective the nature and protecting the environment.

Thus, the literature in the forms of short poetry, quotes, slogans, memes, theme songs, or activity based message oriented postings in the social media are remains very informative and useful to the better society construction.  It is in our own hands by practicing and physical distancing and social distancing in the family land and society.  Finally, we do not forget that the man is great.  The vaccine will surely be invented soon. We hope that it will be controlled with all our efforts at an early date.  Let’s hope for the best, before that let’s be with individual responsibility.  It will help our India as well as the entire world to overcome the present critical pandemic crisis.  Let’s re-dedicate ourselves to build a better nation by eradicating the Covid-19 disease as much as possible.