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The Women with Mission, The Women with Vision

Abstract: S. Vidya Saraswathi, Lecturer in Commerce, Hindu College For Women, Sanathnagar

India is the country known for its culture, tradition and spirituality. Since ancient days women has a prominent place in our country, women plays a key role in all the aspects of life as she is dynamic in nature. It is found that there was existence of maternalism as per the sources obtained from the department of Archeology. Women play a key role in executing her responsibilities and no one can replace her role. Due to some changes happened in the society, women are not able to survive to their desired extent in the society. These societal changes have become as obstacle for women survival in the society. To overcome this obstacle government has established Acts, Amendments and Laws. Even though there is a presence of Acts, Laws and Amendments, there are certain incidents happening against women like women harassment.

We can attain women equality only when there is a change in the mindset of the people. To have the change there should be some ethical values present in every human being. A change should begin from oneself and that lead to the change in family so that we ultimately achieve the desired change in the society.

Acts are present, Laws are here and Amendments are in existence to punish after the happening of the event but we need the society of respect and not the society of punishment. Through women equality we can attain women empowerment. Women equality can be attained only when there is a change in thinking methodology and mind set of the people. If the people mindset changes then that lead to women development, therefore women empowerment will be the consequence. In my point of view there are some factors which are needed to change the mindset of the people. They are:

  • Implementing proper education system
  • Inculcating ethical values through education system
  • Inculcating moral values in everyone right from the stage of childhood.
  • Discipline creates the good citizens of the Country.

With these we can develop as a human being and that ultimately leads to the development of society and as I said women empowerment and development of the society will be our ultimate consequences. Thus we the women with mission, the women with vision in the society.  My objective of the paper is to say that inculcating some values in the people can lead to prevention of some incidents happening against women and I have collected data from secondary sources like newspapers, websites and journals etc.

Keywords: Mission, Vision, Equality, Empowerment, mindset, Acts, Amendments and Laws.