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ABSTRACT:  In this paper, the distinctive qualities of Research methods Research methodology have been identified and discussed. This paper provides an introductory perspective of research methods and research methodology which can be used for pursuing research .A substantial effort has been done on fundamental distinctions between research methodology and methods. There is a misconception, that the two terms can be used interchangeably. However it’s the known fact that they both have their own unique conceptual theories. In addition ,this paper is going to discuss the steps involved in research process; how to choose various research methods and how the research methodology plays an imperative role in collecting, generating and analyzing the data.

Key words:paradigmatic,vindication,replicate,interpretation,correlational.

Introduction: Research methodology is a set of specific procedures or techniques which are used to identify, select, process and analyze information about topic. Research is a logical and systematic attempt for new and useful information on a particular topic. It is an investigation of finding solutions to scientific and social problems through objective and systematic analysis. It is a search for knowledge and a discovery of hidden truths. The information collected from different sources like experience, human beings, books, journals, etc… .A research can lead to new contribution to the existing knowledge. Only through research ,it is possible to make progress in a field. Research is done with the help of study, experiment, observation, analysis, comparison and reasoning.

Research is a constructive quest which can make use of appropriate methodology in order to acquire the knowledge for resolving general issues. These methods must consist of constant observation, classification and interpretation of data.

Research methodology and Research method:

Research methodology and Research method are two terms that are often confused as one and the same. Strictly speaking they are not so. They have their unique identification in performing distinctive roles during the process of research. A  method functions like a research tool whereas methodology provides the vindication of using a method that is appropriate for the chosen topic. Research methodology explains the methods by which may proceed with your research. Research methods involve conduct of experiments, tests and surveys. On the other hand, research methodology involves the learning of various techniques that can be used in the conduct of research and in the conduct of experiments, surveys, tests and critical studies.

Research Methodology: It is the organized and theoretical analysis of methods which are applied to the study of the problem. It has to pick out a set of methods and principles required.

Methodology is the philosophical frame work within which the research is conducted or the foundation upon which the research is based. Research methodology of a research describes research methods, approaches and design in detail highlighting those used throughout the study.

Steps involved in Research:

i)First of all, we have to identify the problematic or thrust area in the research of particular field and prepare the research question.

ii)Find the objectives of research study

iii)Study area of identification

iv)Sample design

V)Data collection:

There are two types of data                                                                                                                    a)primary data: This data mainly belongs to operator and key format survey

b)secondary data: This data is collected from Central Bureau of Statistics, published/ unpublished reports and remote sensing/GIS

vi) Analyze  the collected data and formulate tables by  using mathematical methods and draw the graphs.

vii)After analysis  of the collected data, we will draw the conclusions& announce the result in appropriate method.

3.Types of research: Research can be viewed from three approaches,

a)Application of research study: There are two broad categories of research

i) pure research-which involves developing and testing theories and hypothesis

ii)Applied research-To solve specific and practical questions

b)Objectives in under taking  the research: From the view point of objectives, a research can be classified as





c)Inquiry mode employed: From the process adopted to find answer to research questions-the two approaches are

i)Structural approach

ii)Un structural approach

Types of research methods:

Myers and Liu(2009)  surveyed all the research articles in the top journals over a ten year period from 1998 to 2007.They have classified articles as using the following research methods


Studies employing this research method gather  data through the form of questionnaires, which can paper based or web based.

2.Case study:

Studies employing this research method under take  data collection one or several sites, usually  over  a period of time. Data is  obtained from  interviews and documents.

3.Laboratory experiment:

Studies  under taking laboratory  experiments  aim for control over the independent variables being  measured. Participants/Groups are usually subject  to randomly assigned treatments.

4.Field experiment : As opposed to the controlled environment of a laboratory experiment, field experiments are conducted within  a naturally occurring system.

5.Action research:

Studies using action research aim to solve a practical problem in the research setting while also contributing to knowledge about the phenomenon. Action research is a reflective process of progressive Action research is a reflective process of progressive issue resolved organized by individuals in collaboration with others in teams.

Research method used:

After deciding to use the qualitative research methodology for this research, it was obvious from the onset that one of the qualitative research method would answer the research  question to solve the research problem. Research method perspective the data collection technique and the instruments that would be used to analyze the data collected for reaching a conclusion to the problem.

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