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Women Empowerment in Sanskrit Literature


Human Values

Values are “set of principles or standards of behaviour that are regarded as desirable and are held in high esteem” Human values are two types. They are the positive values and the negative values. The positive values are honesty, compassion, integrity, for give ness, love, knowledge, discipline, faith and leadership. The negative values are prejudice hatred, greed, selfishness and others.

Sociology means the relation between education and society. Man is born with a biological heritage into a social heritage. The social heritage gives social status to the individual on the planes of national and international life.


Culture is a complex whole which includes knowledge belief, art morals, law custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. Human beings have a culture where as animals have no culture. Human beings know the techniques of communication which is the secret of their social heritage. The educational institution is the chief agency of a society for communication of culture “culture is the configuration (means pattern) of learned behaviour and the results of behaviour whose component elements are shared and transmitted by the members of a particular society.

Education is basically a process of cultural transmission. The goal of activities of every society is the presentation of culture. For example the continuity and life of Indian culture is the hands of its youth. Education is an instrument of social stability. “Philosophies of education in cultural perspective” “Education as power” The philosophy has come to be known as ‘Reconstructionism’. Education in values follows a process –  awareness appreciation willingness conviction and action. This is also a process of exploration, thinking and reflection and not imposition. Value education promotes unconditional striving for goodness. Value education is considered with all domains of personality i.e cognitive affective and co-native. Value education is subsumed under the objectives of education. The sources of values are the curriculum and text books values inherent in them have to be integrated. For example:

अम्भोजिनीवन विहार विलासमेव

हंसस्य हन्ति नितरां कुपुतो विधाता।

न त्वस्य दुग्धजलभेदविधौ प्रसिद्धां

वैदग्ध्यकीर्तिमपहर्तुमसौ समर्थः॥

An angry creator can only remove a swan’s pleasure of roaming in lotus ponds. He can not however, take away the famous skill of the swan in separating milk from water.

The skill of the swan is separating the water from the milk. It is the personality development of the swan. This is blessings of the great power of the Goddess Saraswathi Devi. This is the women empowerment of the Goddess Saraswathi Devi. This verse is taken from the poem Bhartrihari Subhashitam. It is an extract from the Nitisataka of the way of the scholars.

Another example:

Women Literature of Kalidasa

सञ्चारिणी दीपशिखेव रात्रौ

ययं व्यतीयाय पतिंवरा सा।

नरेन्द्रमार्गाट्ट इवप्रपेदे

विवर्णभावं स स भूमिपालः॥

In the Swayamvara Sabha Indumati rejected all the princes and came to Aja. Here Kalidasa compared the description of Indumati like the fame of a moving lamp at night, the faces of the kings turned pale like the royal mansions. At the time of situation the fame of a moving lamp at night, the royal mansions shrouded  in darkness as the light moved away. Indumati approached the king Aja. She does not to go other king. Bees does not desire to go any other tree after reaching a mango tree in full of blossom.

रत्नं समागच्छतु काञ्चनेन।

The combination of jewel with gold is good. Here the great poet Kalidasa the prince Indumati compared as a jewel and Aja as a gold. The  fame of the king Aja is not possible to measure it. The prince Indumati accepted Aja with a bright look.

The prince Indumati Sunanda garlanded Aja. The citizens praised their union as the union of moonlight and moon and the Ganga and the Ocean. The assemblage of the kings there with the delighted bridegrooms party on oneside and the disappointed kings on the other side looked like a lake at daylight with blossomed lotuses on one side and the faded lillies on the other side. It is the personality development of women empowerment of Indumati.

Hence, considering the above two examples it can be ascertained that the women at present scenario are marching forward and attaining their goals in all fields which clearly shows Empowerment of Women in Sanskrit Literature.

Conclusion :

  1. The value of education is the lime light of women empowerment
  2. The goal of activities of every society is the preservation of culture.


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