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Smt. Jayanti Ratna

Dept. of Physics

M.R.(A). College, Vizianagaram

ABSTRACT– Research is the systematic investigation or a way to study about anything such that its facts and some new conclusions can be made. Methodology is the strategy that shows us the way how to research on any topic, what are the outlines that should be covered while doing research, all this information is obtained by methodology. Research Methodology is the theoretical analysis of the topic on which research is been done. This gives information about how the concerned topic is generated, how to collect data to analyze the topic, all this comes under methodology that we adopt. For example: Before a teacher teaches the lesson, he/she goes through the topic thoroughly, prepare a note on it, goes to its depth and then make a plan how to deliver the topic to students so that they can understand it. Similarly, methodology in research not only gives information but also tells the simplest way to enlighten the topic for others. In this paper I’m going to explain what are the trends, ethics & several other relevant research methodology in science.

INTRODUCTION- Research is the conceptual knowledge of the topic obtained by guru’s, books, experiments, practical applications and in all angles covers the entire information of the topic. Methodology tells the way to outline the research topic. Now-a-days science and technology has developed a lot. For any topic not only in science in other fields as well research work is increasing at a faster rate. Re-search is nothing but we are searching again on what is its present, what is its past and what is its future. There are certain steps which must be followed to research on a topic. The work of a researcher is to produce the entire knowledge of the topic in such a way that its entire picture must reach the readers. Firstly selection of topic and analyzing the strength on that tells how to proceed further in research.  As soon as topic is selected, the initial step is to know about its roots and then one by one its stem, branch, and lastly its fruits/flowers.


  • Initially a strategy has to be prepared by a researcher to produce the outcome of his/her research. How to collect the information, where to go and search, whom to contact, how to produce its design, how to layout the information, etc.
  • The theoretical information must be in relevant with the topic, for example, the topic of research is “SCIENCE”. The information that has to furnish should be in such a way that it tells all about science. Science is nothing but a packet of knowledge about the physical world and its surrounding.
  • The information can be gathered by using certain tools which are highly advanced in present generation, for example – internet- gives all information about anything. Internet became the basic digital tool for every researcher. These include google, YouTube and several other informatory gadgets. Not only simply by browsing the information in internet is enough it must also be followed by reference through books, journals, news, earlier published papers, etc.
  • The researcher has to do the personal observation on the topic. As far as science is concerned any researcher in science field do his/her personal observations by several performing several experiments regularly as well as by its practical applications to others.
  • Finally after all steps the fruit comes i.e., the conclusion of the thesis.


The good quality in research can be obtained by the way research has been done. Quality assessment of any research include all aspects in which research process is done, it relates the questions and answers on the subject. Quality assessment plays very crucial role in any research, it tells the clear hypothetical concept of the subject as well as funding on that particular project, and how the research is conducted.


Every researcher should follow some basic ethics and values while doing research. Firstly, he/she should remember by the research done by him/her shouldn’t harm anyone and must be beneficiary for others. The researcher must obtain the information consent participants. He/She should maintain the information so obtained confidential and secure. Avoid deceptive practices and must give right to others to obtain information from the research.

CONCLUSION- Research is not simple as it looks, we have to face several challenges even though after completing our work in well manner. We must ensure that we can answer any question regarding the topic. There must be healthy environment between the team members, there must not be lack of communication and most important is the time management. There are several funding institutes which provide funds for our project for example, INDIAN COUNCIL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE, BHABA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE, NISER,IGCAR,CSIR and several others which provides funding in science. Not only studying and analyzing the topic is essential but also its outcomes must be learnt by the researcher.